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Creating HTML Banner

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Magento HTML Banner Configuration

In this article you will learn how to create Magento HTML Banner in your Banner Pro Extension.

Attention green.png Important Information:

Before you proceed with creating HTML Banner, please, make sure you have already created a placeholder for this banner, as well as a campaign and a banner group.

Creating HTML Banner

Follow these steps in order to create new Static Image Banner for your Magento Store.

Description.png Detailed description:
  1. In the campaign tree you may see the banner group you have created.
  2. Go to "Banners" tab.
  3. Press on the "Add New Banner" button to create new banner.

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Now you may create your custom HTML banner. Please, check the step-by-step guide below.

Description.png Detailed description:
  1. "Name": specify the name of a banner in this field.
  2. "Status": option allows you to enable or disable a banner.
  3. "Banner Group": field shows you the banner group this banner is assigned to.
  4. "Placeholder": option allows you to set the location where the banner will be displayed at your store.
  5. In the "Show Only On Product Pages" field you may choose whether the banner will be displayed on the product pages only.
  6. Input the number in the "Priority" field. Note: The smaller the number - the higher is the priority. Banners with the highest priority will be displayed in banner sliders and static banners first.
  7. "Destination URL": enter the url where the visitor will be redirected to after clicking on the banner.
  8. Select HTML banner type in the "Banner Type" field.
  9. Paste the HTML code in the "HTML Template" field.
  10. Paste the CSS code in the "Template Styles" field.
  11. "Display Restrictions" field allows to set restrictions for a banner by pages. Specify rules to select the pages to display the banner on.
  12. Press on the "Save Banner" option to save all your settings configured for the Top Image banner.

1 magento banner pro html banner v1.1.0.jpg

Description.png Detailed description:
  1. This is how your HTML Static Banner will be displayed on Magento frontend.

2 magento banner pro html banner.jpg

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