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Magento 2 Call For Price v1.x Configuration

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Configuring Magento 2 Call for Price Extension

Here you will learn how to correctly configure Plumrocket Magento 2 Call for Price Extension. In order to perform this, follow the instructions below.

Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Press the "Plumrocket" tab in the main menu.
  2. Select the "Configuration" option.
  3. Enable Extension: select "Yes" to enable the "Call for Price" extension or "No" to disable it.
  4. Serial Key: enter a unique serial key provided to you after the purchase. Note: In most cases, this field will be pre-filled with serial key automatically and the green checkmark will be displayed. In order to find and enter your serial key manually, please read Serial Key Activation article.

Magento2 callforprice config1.jpg

Configuring Call for Price Form Settings

Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Call For Price Button Label: enter the name which will be shown for the "Call for Price" button on the front-end.
  2. Header Text: enter the header of the "Call for Price" request pop-up form.
  3. Information: enter the text which will be displayed in the pop-up form.

Magento2 callforprice config1ab.jpg

Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Enabled Form Fields: manage the fields that will be displayed on the pop-up form (Name, Email address, Phone Number, Company, Address, State, Country).
  2. Business Hours: set the time when the client can receive a callback. The client will be able to select "call back" hours only within this range.
  3. Holidays: set the days when the client could not get a callback (national holidays or days when the office will be closed).
  4. Enable RTL Template: if you use the RTL web site, enable this feature by selecting "Yes" or select "No" to disable it.

Magento2 callforprice config2.jpg

Configuring Admin Notifications

Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Enable Magento Notifications: select "Yes" to enable notifications or "No" to disable it. This information will be shown in Magento backend notification (alarm bell at the top right corner).
  2. Enable Email Notifications: select "Yes" to enable sending the email notifications about a new request or "No" to disable it.
  3. Send Email To: enter the email on which you will get notifications about the new or updated requests. If you want to enter a few emails, every new one should be entered in the next row.
  4. Email Template: set the default email template or set a custom one, which will be sent to the admin user.

Magento2 callforprice config3.1.jpg

Additional Configuration

Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Button Design: customize the button design (Button Text Color, Button Text Color (on Hover), Button Background Color, Button Background Color (On Hover), Button Icon Background Color, Button Icon Background Color (on Hover).
  2. Development Options: if you are using a custom theme and the "Call for Price" button is not displayed after the module has been already installed, you could use the CSS selector to specify which button will be replaced with the "Call for Price" on front-end.

Magento2 CallforPrice config4.1.jpg