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Magento 2 Popup Login v2.x Developer's Guide & API Reference

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Display Popup Manually

In order to configure the Popup Login Extension for a particular page element, you will have to select "Manually" for the option "Display Popup" in the extension settings as shown below.

1 magento 2 popup login developer guide.jpg

You will also have to add a class "show_popup_login" to the object to trigger the popup login.

Code Example
<a href="/seespecialevent" !!-class="show_popup_login"-!!>See Special Event</a>

In order to display selected popup form after click on link, you need to add the parameter data-form="registration".

Code Example
<a class="show_popup_login" !!- data-form="registration" -!! href="http://yourstore.com/magento2/index.php/customer/account/create/">Create an Account</a>

Disable Popup Manually

If you want to disable Popup only for a particular element on the page, you will have to add the parameter data-popup="off" to the selected element. For instance, if you want to disable Pop up for the "About Us" link, you will have to edit the code.

<a href="/about/">About Us</a>

making the following changes:

<a href="/about/"!!- data-popup="off"-!! >About Us</a>

Popup Login Extension for Magento 2 Popup Login Extension for Magento 2