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Magento Live Feed v1.x Overview

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Live Feed

Plumrocket Live Feed v1.0 is a magento social shopping extension designed to display all social activities on the website and to engage your customers to be proactively buying based on these activities ("social e-commerce"). This type of content is now present in the most popular sales websites (e.g. Fab live feed and Gilt live) and influences positively on SEO, allowing users to observe customers' activity on the website which can ultimately urge them to make another purchase. This will definitely provide more opportunities for magento social shopping.

Our Live Feed plugin is used for providing users with frequently updated content. This magento social extension aggregates all client-related actions in your Internet store on one single page. These actions include buying a product, adding a product to favorites and liking a product using different social networks (this requires the additional extension "Plumrocket Faves").

Plumrocket Live Feed together with Plumrocket Faves and Plumrocket Inspiration Wall will turn your store into a local social network.

Extension Features

Magento Live Feed

Live feed page

Magento Live Feed

Events autoload on the Live Feed page

Magento Live Feed

Sharing products in social media network via the Live feed module

Live Feed Extension for Magento Live Feed Extension for Magento

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