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Private Sales Ocean Blue Magento Theme v2.x Overview

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Private Sales Ocean Blue Magento Theme

Private Sales Ocean Blue Magento Theme includes the latest features that can be observed in today's most popular membership websites. It was designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding audience. This magento skin comprises user-friendly interface, multiple home pages displaying different events, simple catalog navigation, convenient drop-down account menu and many more. Its calm and pastel color palette conveys the air or stability and prosperity, which is certainly what any business aims at.

You can also enable a mobile view for this magento theme. For more details read here.

Magento Theme Overview

Splash page

Home page. Menu and boutiques

Home page. Ending Soon section and footer

Home page. Menu

Boutique page

Product page

Inspiration Wall page

Live Feed page

Invitations page

Landing page

Popup Login

Shopping cart

Account page