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Private Sales Script v2.0 (clean database)

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Here you will learn how to install Private Sales Script ver.2.0 without sample data.

Attention green.png Important Information:

First of all make sure your system requirements meet the ones necessary for the correct functioning of our Magento Private Sales Script. For more details on system requirements read Magento system requirements.

Plumrocket Extension Installation without sample data

1. Before you start working with this Magento private sales extension you will have to get a database. If you don't have one, сreate a new Magento database using your phpmyadmin or from the console (for example “mydatabase”).

2. You will have to download Magento. To do this, go to http://www.magentocommerce.com/download and follow the instructions below:

Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Click on “Release Archives”.
  2. Select Version
  3. Select the type of archive.
  4. Press "Download" to download Magento Community Edition ver


3. Install your Magento store, use your database “mystoredatabase” (http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/magento-installation-guide/)

4. Install your Magento Extensions (To learn more about the features and how to configure the extensions, read the sections "Installation" and "Configuration" of all the extensions here: http://wiki.plumrocket.com/wiki/Magento_Extensions)

5. Order and install following Magento extensions from Plumrocket Inc. (not required but suggested for a better user experience):

a) Free Plumrocket Twitter & Facebook Login Magento Extension (https://store.plumrocket.com/magento-extensions/twitter-facebook-login-magento-extension.html)
Or, if you want to have more than 50 social networks logins:
b) Plumrocket Social Login Pro Magento Extension (https://store.plumrocket.com/magento-extensions/social-login-pro-magento-extension.html)

6. Copy the Theme files to your Magento root directory using the FTP File Manager and recursively set permission of directory “media” to 777.

Description.png Detailed description:
  1. This is the catalog of files.
  2. This is your client side. You will see the catalog of files.
  3. This is your root directory on server side. This is where the files should be uploaded.
  4. All the files must be uploaded to the server.

Theme-11.png Theme-22.png Files-server.png

Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. After all the files are uploaded, select the subcategory "media".
  2. Set file permissions for the subcategory.
  3. Set file permissions "777", i.e. allow to write, read and execute.
  4. Press "Ок".

Files-server-permissions.png Files-server-permissions-2.png

7. Import SQL DUMP “Theme/Config.sql” to your Magento database (“mystoredatabase”). You can import sql dump files using phpmyadmin or the console. If you use phpmyadmin, follow the instructions below.

Attention green.png Important Information:

If you don't have the "Config.sql" file, skip this step.

Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Select your database.
  2. Press "Import".
  3. Press "Browse" and select the file Config.sql, that is located in the subcategory Theme of the category private-sale-script-v20.
  4. Press "Go".


8. In order to enable the theme, follow the instructions below.

First, you will have to clear Magento cache. To do this follow the instructions below:

Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Go to the Admin Panel >> System.
  2. Click on Cache Management.


Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Press the “Flush Magento Cache” button.

Flush Magento Cache.png

Sign-out and Sign-in back to Admin Panel. After you have successfully cleared the cache follow the instructions below to activate the theme of your membership site:

Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Select "System" in the Magento Admin Panel.
  2. Select "Configuration".


Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Select "Design".
  2. Select the tab "Package".
  3. Option "Current Package Name": Set the title of theme you want to install (For instance, "private_sale_fashion_red_theme" or "private_sale_ocean_blue_theme").


After the theme is enabled, you will see corresponding changes on website frontend, as shown below.

Description.png Detailed description:
  1. Standard Magento theme.
  2. New Magento theme.

Website Frontend Website Frontend
Theme-1.png Theme-2.png

Private Sales Script for Magento Private Sales Script for Magento

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