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Private Sales Solution ver.2.0 Overview

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Private Sales Script v2.0

Private Sales Script v2.0 is a new generation of private sales software designed by the experts at Plumrocket Inc. As compared to our previous versions this Magento private sales extension provides more options and flexibility in installing and website management. The possibility to configure splash page and home page, make use of the launching soon mode, create gender- and age-oriented boutiques, open and close user registrations is what you and your membership website will definitely benefit from.

Moreover, we have developed several up-to-date Magento extensions to make the website performance, as well as user experience even better. Our URL Manager, Faves, Inspiration Wall, Live Feed together with Special Settings, Product Filter, Estimated Delivery and Cart Reservation Modules perfectly complement each other to let you make the most of your private sales website.

Extension Features

Splash page. Launching Soon Mode

Splash page. Sign in

Home page layout

Home page layout

Admin panel. Home page layout editor

Product list page

“Boutique has expired” notification

Home page. Preview Mode

Single product page

Invite friends

Invite friends

Invite friends

Send invitations to friends on Facebook

Import contacts

Shopping Cart