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Private Sales v.2.0: Change your magento back-end passwords

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Here you will learn how to change your Magento back-end passwords.

Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Click on the “SYSTEM” tab in main menu.
  2. Select "Account".


Then you will be able to edit the contact information.

Description.png Detailed description:
  1. Option "User Name": requires you to enter your login that will be later used to enter into the system.
  2. Option "First Name": Enter your first name here.
  3. Option "Last Name": Enter your last name here.
  4. Option "Email": Enter your e-mail here.
  5. Option "New Password": Provide a new password here.
  6. Option "Password Confirmation": Enter the new password again to confirm it.
  7. Option "Save Account": Click on "Save Account" to save the new settings.


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