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Private Sales v.2.0: Set currency format

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Here you will learn how to configure currency format.

Information Sign sm.png Step-by-Step action:
  1. Click on the “SYSTEM” tab in main menu"


Description.png Detailed description of functionality:
  1. Select "Currency Setup" from the configuration menu of the "General" tab on the left
  2. Option "Custom Currency Setup": requires you to select the pattern (mask) according to which currency will be displayed. Format tokens for self-generated number formats that you can use, are described below.


Attention green.png Important Information: Format tokens for self-generated number formats that you can use:
Token Description Example format Generated output
#0 Generates a number without precision and separation #0 1234567
, Generates a separation with the length from separation to next separation or to 0 #,##0 1,234,567
#,##,##0 Generates a standard separation of 3 and all following separations with 2 #,##,##0 12,34,567
. Generates a precision #0.# 1234567.1234
0 Generates a precision with a defined length #0.00 1234567.12

To edit money format, we used the function described here: Function "money_format". For more information about currency settings, read our Special Settings module.