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Updating License Domains

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Once you have purchased an extension from the Plumrocket Magento Store, you will be provided with:

  • 1 (one) single live domain license for your production site, and
  • unlimited subdomain license for testing or development purposes only.

Updating Live Domains

You may change your live domain during the 15 days trial period only. In order to do this - Please Contact our Tech Support

After the 15 day trial period is over, you can only add/change testing subdomains. However, Plumrocket Inc. is not obligated to approve these requests and may reject them for any reason. All requests to change live domains after 15 day trial period has ended will be automatically rejected by Plumrocket Inc. Please read our Terms of Service for more info.

Updating Testing Subdomains

Serial Key is the new licensing approach launched by Plumrocket team in 2015 to simplify the usage of our products. However, if you have purchased your extension prior to 2015 and still need to use the license files - please go to this part of "Updating Testing Subdomains" article.

In order to set the subdomain(s), please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Description.png Detailed description:
  1. Enter the site https://store.plumrocket.com/ under your account
  2. Select "My Account" in the menu. (To open this page you have to log in first).
  3. Go to "My Downloads" in the main menu.
  4. Find the needed Plumrocket product from the list.
  5. Hover over the "My domains" link below the information about Plumrocket Extension. The yellow tooltip will appear.
  6. Click the "+ ADD TEST SUBDOMAIN" button.

1 update license domains.jpg

The "EDIT LICENSE" popup will appear.

Description.png Detailed description:
  1. Add subdomains in the input field of the "Edit license" popup.
  2. Press "Save" button

2 update license domains.jpg

After you press "Save" the license will be queued for moderation.