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Magento Size Chart v1.x Overview

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Size Chart

Magento Size Chart is an extension that allows to make unique size charts either for each product separately or for the entire category of products. Website admin can also set up magento size attribute to be inherited from a parent category by the one of the lower level. This size chart popup will be displayed on product pages of the web-store. Using the visual HTML editor you can also create new and customize the existing size charts, which makes this magento size extension a nice and handy tool providing exceptional possibilities.

Extension Features

Magento Size Chart

Admin can enable Size Chart extension in the backend

Magento Size Chart

Once added and configured - size charts can be managed from the list

Magento Size Chart

Admin can modify default Size Chart content or create new Size Chart from scratch

Magento Size Chart

Admin can assign Size Chart to specific product

Magento Size Chart

Admin can assign Size Chart to entire category, covering all products within it

Magento Size Chart

Appearance of the default Size Chart on the frontend